Steve Wheatcraft, USA

Participant / Svalbard 2013, Iceland 2014

Peter Cox is not only a talented photographer, he is a gifted teacher and workshop leader. He is one of the few professional photographers I know whose technical knowledge of the craft is matched by his talent behind the lens.

Kate Murray, USA

Participant / Ireland 2013

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. My expectations were met and more.

Faye Rees, USA

Participant / Svalbard 2013 & 2014

Peter is an excellent teacher as well as a talented landscape photographer. He has a gift for explaining camera and photographic techniques to people of all skill levels.

Peter Cox

Photography Workshop Instructor

I've always had a great love of photography, even before I knew I was interested in it. However, I haven't always been a photographer. Until 2005, I was a computer systems engineer working in the US, having moved there in the mid-nineties. Around the year 2000, I started to take an active interest in photography...

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