Daníel Bergmann

I was born and raised in Iceland and developed an interest in photography as a teenager. Combined with a strong interest in nature and travel it soon led me into the field of nature photography, which has been my passion ever since. Over the past two decades I’ve build my reputation as a nature and landscape photographer and in 2009 I was invited to participate in the distinguished Wild Wonders of Europe project. I’ve authored four books and the latest one, Iceland Landscapes, is a collection of landscape photographs with text that is written with photographers in mind.

About ten years ago I started guiding photography tours and workshops in Iceland. Due to growing demand it has become my main occupation. While anyone can come to Iceland and travel on his/her own to some of the main photography destinations the experience is more relaxing, rewarding and productive with local guidance. And I enjoy nothing more than introducing travelers to this country that I’m continually so fascinated with.

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